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Rope and webbing are essential to a firefighters ability to perform their duties and save peoples lives. This is why Fire Safety USA has a multitude of different ropes of all length's, thicknesses, and colors. We carry various webbing options as well that are also available in differnt legnths and colors. We current offer CMC Prusik cord, 1" tubular webbing, Redi-Line thowline, CMC New England ropes KM III, NFPA thowline, CMC Lifeline rescue rope, 1" tubular webbing X 20ft sections, rope log book, CMC Bound-Loop prusiks, CMC stuff bags, Glow Throw, rope bags, CMC rope bags, utility rope, 100' water throw bag, CMC Redi-Line throwline bag set, Slilng-Link mast, NFPA thowline bag set, CMC Ultra-Pro edge protector, and the Mustang rescue stick.

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CMC Prusik Cord
Choose 5 mm - 9 mm CMC prusik cord.
$0.50  $0.45
Tubular Webbing, 1"
1" Tubular Webbing
$0.65  $0.47
Redi-Line Throwline
Redi-Line Throwline
$0.75  $0.60
CMC New England Ropes KM III
Choose 3/8", 7/16", or 1/2" CMC New England KM III Ropes.
$1.15  $1.00
NFPA Throwline
Floating water rescue throwline.
$1.25  $1.12
CMC Lifeline Rescue Rope
Choose 3/8", 7/16", or 1/2" CMC rescue rope.
$1.40  $1.20
CMC Sewn-Loop Prusiks
CMC Sewn-Loop Prusiks
$20.00  $16.00
Rope Bags
Small, medium, and large rope bags with web handles.
$25.00  $21.95
Glow Throw
The New Glow Throw tool attaches to your throwline bag and features a glow in the dark light stick!
Glow Throw
$25.95  $20.00
CMC Stuff Bags
CMC Stuff Bags
$39.00  $25.00
CMC Rope Bags
CMC Cordura Nylon Rope Bags
$46.00  $40.00
100' Water Throw Bag
Bag with 100' of floating rope. Drawstring in one end with a web carrying and throwing handle.
$59.95  $40.00
CMC Redi-Line Throwline Bag Set
Throwline Bag Set with floatation disc.
$69.00  $59.95
NFPA Throwline Bag Set
NFPA Throwline Bag Set.
$95.00  $70.00
CMC Ultra-Pro Edge Protector
CMC Ultra-Pro Edge Protector
$115.00  $96.00
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