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First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits
First aid kits need to be posted in multiple locations in the fire department as well as in the fire trucks to ensure they are always available when needed. No matter what kind of injury firefighters need to treat Fire Safety USA has the first aid kit for the job. We offer first aid kits for cuts, scrapes, burns, eyewash, CPR, bloodborne pathogens and more. Our full stock includes the refill kit for the #6420 25 person first aid kit, emergency CPR kit, soft travel first aid kit, burn kit bag, 10 person or vehicle first aid kit, emergency burn kit with water jell burn dressings, Sports League first aid kit, bloodborne pathogens kit with CPR, first aid eyewash station, 25 person standard first aid kit, weatherproof steel loggers kit, pediatric pack, 3 shelf industrial first aid kit, and the 4 shelf industrial first aid kit.
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Refill Kit for the #6420, 25 Person First Aid Kit
Refill kit for the 25 Person First Aid Kit.
$24.00  $16.95
Emergency CPR Kit
Emergency CPR Kit.
$25.00  $19.50
Travel First Aid Kit, Soft
Travel First Aid Kit, contains 74 pieces of first aid.
$29.00  $22.00
Burn Kit Bag
Use this bag to make up your own burn kit. Has web handles and D-rings to hang it up. Color: Yellow. Measures 13"H x 11"W x 7"D. 1000 cu. in Wt. 9 oz.
$30.00  $24.95
10 Person or Vehicle First Aid Kit
10 Person Standard First Aid Kit.
$32.50  $25.00
Sports League First Aid Kit
Sports League First Aid Kit.
$49.00  $35.00
Bloodborne Pathogens Kit with CPR
Contains one Spill Clean-Up Pack and one Bloodborne Pathogens and CPR Mask Pack.
$49.99  $35.00
First Aid and Eyewash Station
First Aid and Eyewash Station.
$49.95  $35.00
25 Person Standard First Aid Kit
25 Person Standard First Aid Kit.
$49.50  $40.00
Rapid Response Pac
Our Rapid Response Pac™ is designed for first on the scene or officer trauma emergencies.
$69.95  $54.95
Weather Alert Survival Kit
When any weather emergency strikes be prepared at home, work, or in your car with EMI’s Weather Alert Survival Kit!
$79.95  $59.95
Weatherproof Steel Loggers Kit
Weatherproof Steel Loggers Kit, now mandatory on all DOT vehicles in Minnesota!
$80.00  $60.00
Survivor Disaster Kit
The Survivor Disaster Kit is your personal grab-and-go bag. It has all the necessary equipment needed during and after a disaster situation.
$95.00  $79.95
Child Response Kit
Treating pediatric/child emergencies takes not only extra care and compassion, but also the proper supplies and equipment is needed for the appropriate treatment.
$135.00  $99.95
3 Shelf Industrial First Aid Kit
3 Shelf Industrial First Aid Kit.
$169.95  $135.00
Pediatric Pack
Be prepared when dealing with pediatric emergencies. This compact Pediatric Pack keeps all the equipment needed for pediatric emergencies organized without needless repetition of supplies.
$205.00  $155.00
4 Shelf Industrial First Aid Kit
4 Shelf Industrial First Aid Kit
$199.95  $160.00
First Aid Kits and Refill Kits.

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