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Door Stops and Wedge-It Products
Door Stops
Firefighters often need to hold a number of doors open in order for them to easily enter and exit quickly and without hassle. This is why Fire Safety USA offers a variety of door stop and Wedge-It products to choose from. We also offer a search and marking tool as well as illuminating door chock using FoxFire technology. We carry the Handi Wedge, Wedge-It door stop, Fat Ivan, Fat Ivan with FoxFire illuminating technology, and the search and marking tool.
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Handi Wedge
Our Handi Wedge does an excellent job of stopping the water flow from sprinkler heads. They also work well as doorstops and have countless other applications. "An inexpensive convenience." They measure 2"L x 1"H x 3⁄4"W. Wt. 1 oz. each. Sold as pairs.
$9.00  $5.50
Wedge-It Door Stop
WEDGE-IT is the Worlds most versatile, portable, temporary, light weight door stop. Available in Green, Orange, or Yellow.
$19.95  $8.25
Fat Ivan
Introducing the new Fat Ivan®, the evolution of the door chock. The only folding door chock!
$19.99  $14.95
Search and Marking Tool
S.A.M. was designed to hold doors wide open during room to room searches. It lets you mark doors with a highly visible crayon at entry and after you’ve cleared the room.
$25.00  $20.00
Door Stops and Wedge-It Products

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