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Firefighters rely on warning lights on the dash or visor of the fire trucks they drive to keep them informed.  Fire Safety USA doesn't forget about this with our vast selection of different warning lights we have available.  This selection includes Trucklite 1319 red bullet light, tear drop revolving beacon, Star Warning perimeter warning LED light, Starburst DLX3 auxiliary LED light, Whelen TIR3 LED warning light, sentry beacon, Whelen rotating beacon, Code 3 #550 beacon, Whelen Vertex Super LED lighthead, Star Mini Phantom LED dash light, Whelen LINZ6 Super LED lighthead, Whelen Slim-Miser LED dash light, and Spectir Series LED dash/visor light.

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Tear Drop Revolving Beacon
$65.00  $49.95
Perimeter Warning LED Light, Star Warning
Perimeter Warning LED Light, Star Warning
$69.99  $50.00
Whelen TIR3 LED Warning Light
$89.00  $75.00
Starburst DLX3 Auxiliary LED Light
$89.99  $75.00
Sentry Beacon
Head rotates 90-degrees to point in any direction. Size: 6.7” long.
$99.95  $75.00
Whelen Rotating Beacon
Whelen Rotating Beacon
$115.00  $97.50
Code 3 #550 Beacon
Code 3 PSE #550 Beacon.
$130.00  $105.00
Whelen 500 Series Linear Super Led Lighthead
Whelen 500 Series Linear Super Led Lighthead with blue leds and clear lens.
$135.00  $105.00
SpitFire Plus LINZ6 Super-Led Light
A compact, full-featured, Super-LED dash and deck light with 50% more light output in a smaller package than the original SpitFire. SpitFire Plus is the high performance, cost-effective alternative to the larger Whelen Avenger™ Series.
$139.95  $110.00
Whelen Vertex Super LED Lighthead
Only 7/8" in height, this small hemispheric LED lighthead is perfect for most applications where size and intensity are critically important!
$140.00  $105.00
Star Mini Phantom LED Dash Light
LED Series Dash/Visor Light with cig plug.
$149.95  $97.50
Whelen Slim-Miser LED Dash Light
LED Series Dash/Visor Light with cig plug with FREE SHIPPING.
$149.95  $115.00
Whelen LINZ6 Super LED Lighthead
A sub-compact, full-featured LED lighthead with wide-angle light spread which can be mounted virtually anywhere!
$160.00  $115.00
Various Warning Lights from Whelen, Federal Signal, Code 3 and Signal Vehicle Products.

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