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Utility Vehicles
Utility Vehicles

Firefighters know that there are all kinds of different emergency situations that could occur and you might need a specific type of utility vehicle.  Fire Safety USA has you covered with all the utility vehicles your fire station could ever ask for.  These include UTV Medlite transport basic, UTV Medlite unit, All Terrian rescue trailer, UTV Medlite transport, Econo ATV skid, UTV Firelite skid unit, UTV Firelite Deluxe, Skeeter ATV skid, Firelite Supermax transport skid unit, 6 HP skid unit, Firelite transport truck skid, 9 HP skid unit, 11 HP skid unit, 9 HP diesel skid unit, 20 HP skid unit, Polaris Ranger 6x6, and glider kits.

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All Terrain Rescue Trailer
$4,200.00  $3,500.00
Polaris Ranger 6x6
Polaris Ranger 6x6 Vechicle with optional lighting packages.
$12,999.00  $12,500.00
Glider Kits
Customizable Glider Kits with FREE SHIPPING!
Glider Kit
$41,000.00  $35,000.00
Utility Vehicles

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