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Caps and Plugs

When its time to cap the hydrant, Firefighters must use reliable caps and plugs. This is why Fire Safety USA offers a variety of high quality caps and plugs from Red Head Brass and Kochek. These include caps with lightweight chain, storz caps, chrome caps, chrome caps with long handles, and 3.0" used chrome caps.

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Caps - Lightweight with chain
Quality Caps from Red Head Brass. Available in 1.0" thru 6.0". Includes chain.
$25.00  $15.00
Caps - Chrome
Chrome Caps with Chains!
$26.00  $20.00
Plugs - Lightweight
Quality Plugs from Red Head Brass. Available in 1.5" thru 6". Includes chain.
$32.00  $20.00
3.0" Used Chrome Caps
3.0" Chrome Caps.
$45.00  $20.00
Storz Caps
Quality storz caps from Red Head Brass. Available in 4" thru 5".
$90.00  $55.00
Caps - Chrome with Long Handles
Chrome Caps with Long Handles!
$155.00  $95.00
Used 2.5" Standpipe with Tips
Used 2.5" Standpipe with Quad Stacked Tips!
Used 2.5" Standpipe
$995.00  $600.00
Used 250 Gallon Skid Tank
Used 250 gallon skid tank. Manufactured in 2008 by Pro-Poly.
$2,000.00  $1,200.00
caps and plugs, storz and threaded, lightweight aluminum and chrome finished.

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