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SCBA Seats
SCBA Seats

Fire trucks require rugged seats to meet the demands of firefighting and SCBA seats are built specifically with that in mind. All of the SCBA seats we offer at  Fire Safety USA are high quality and made to meet the demands of a firefighter, including large lower openings to ensure the waist belt is never in your way.  We currently offer a drivers seat, SCBA seat back, SCBA seat, and the Oshkosh SCBA seat.

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Drivers Seat
Drivers Seat
$550.00  $395.00
SCBA Seat Back
New/Returned 911 Seats brand SCBA back assemblies. We have one in stock.
$650.00  $350.00
46oz SCBA Seat
$950.00  $699.00
Oshkosh SCBA Seat
Oshkosh SCBA Seat
$1,200.00  $895.00
SCBA Seats

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