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Strainers are a very useful piece of equipment that allows firefighters to use water in ponds or streams. These strainers screen out materials that wear out impellers ensuring they last a long time and have no suction loss. Fire Safety USA has all types of strainers including low level, barrel, and floating strainers.  Our current line of strainers includes barrel strainers, basement strainers, floating strainers, ice strainers, and low level strainers.

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Barrel Strainers
Quality barrel strainers from Kochek.
$125.00  $70.00
Basement Strainers
Quality basement strainers from Kochek.
$166.95  $125.00
Ice Strainers
Quality Ice strainers from Kochek.
$255.00  $200.00
Floating Strainers
Quality floating strainers from Kochek.
$235.00  $205.00
Low Level Strainers
Quality low level strainers from Kochek.
$299.95  $260.00
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