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Glass Cutting Tools
Glass Cutting Tools
There are often times where it is necessary for firefighters to cut through glass without shattering it and getting shards of glass all over. Fire Safety USA wants to keep firefighters safe from these glass shards but allowing them to easily cut through glass safely. We have a variety of different tools that can achieve this in different ways like window punch, Extricator tool, glass keepers, and more. We currently carry window punch, RES-Q-ME tool, 5-IN-1 Extricator tool, RES-Q-RENCH, Channellock 87 rescue tool, pair of glass keepers, Channellock 6-IN-1 tool, Channellock cable cutter, snagger tool, and the Glas-Master.
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Window Punch
Use point to break glass for emergency entry, to help trapped accident victims.
$12.00  $7.25
ResQMe Tool
Spring loaded stainless steel window punch and a stainless steel blade seatbelt cutter with keychain clip. Window punch designed for tempered glass windows.
$15.00  $10.00
5-In-1 Lifesaver Hammer
Features a Seat belt cutter, Striking hammer to shatter windows, Needle to deflate air bags, Flashlight, Whistle, and Glow-in-the-dark decal.
$18.00  $12.50
Spanner wrench for threaded and storz connections. Integrated seatbelt cutter, window punch, gas shutoff, and pry tool.
$25.00  $18.50
Pair of Glass Keepers
Pair of two glass keepers. Adhesive film makes removal of a patient easy, fast, safe and efficient.
$39.99  $39.00
Channellock 87 Rescue Tool
Channellock 87 Rescue Tool - New!
Channellock 87
$49.00  $39.50
T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Knife Tool
Tactical Auto Rescue Knife Tool that includes a spring loaded steel tip window punch, seatbelt blade, LED light, and stainless steel blade.
$49.99  $33.99
Channellock 86 Rescue Tool
The CHANNELLOCK® Rescue Tool pries open windows and doors, cuts wires and cables easily, shuts off gas safety valves and loosens hose couplings.
Channellock 86
$55.00  $42.50
Channellock 6-In-1 Tool
New Channellock 6-in-1 tool is a spanner wrench, pry tool, window punch, gas shut off, wire snips and gripper wrench.
Channellock 88
$55.00  $45.00
Channellock Cable Cutter
Channellock 89 Cable Cutter
Channellock 89
$59.00  $47.50
Snagger Tool
The Snagger Tool is an innovative solution to problems every firefighter faces each and every day on the fireground. The key is to have a lightweight and readily available tool for situations encountered on a daily basis.
$79.95  $69.95
Fire Hooks Unlimited Barracuda Rescue Saw
This tool can cut auto windshields, mobile homes, aircraft, trailer roofs, wood, sheet metal, and other building materials. It can also cut and chop ice.
$160.00  $135.00
Fast and effective glass cutting tool. Comes with a window punch, and front guard.
$225.00  $180.00
RHYNO 1 Windshield Cutter Kit
The RHYNO Windshield Cutter® is the only tool that allows you to remove a windshield in under a minute without disturbing the patient or causing harm to the user.
$699.99  $599.99
Glass Cutting Tools

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