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Wandi Ice Rescue Pad
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Wandi Ice Rescue Pad
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Wandi Ice Rescue Pad
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Wandi Ice Rescue Pads





Wandi ice rescue pads are a 3' x 10' flexible floating platform.  The 3' x 10' rescue pad can be rolled out onto the ice to support a rescuer and victim in case the ice should break.  It features a tether bar to land and a tether bar at the water end for attachment of various rescue aids.  Has hand holes to make it easier to climb out of the water.  Lightweight, rollable and reusable.




Cross-linked foam                 Stays flexible in cold temperatures


Closed cell                             Won’t soak water – retains flotation power


Safety orange                        Easy to see against water and ice backgrounds


Mesh core                              Strengthens without trapping water (covered)


Tether bar (land end)             Allows tethering to equipment, fixed object or crew


Tether bar (water end)           Allows fixing of many types of accessories and weights end down


D shaped grip holes               Allows traction with hands, knees or toes


To watch a video of the Ice Rescue Pad in action click on this youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8TfN5ML2kM







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