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Fire Command Vest Set
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Fire Command Vest Set
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Fire Command Vest Set
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Fire Command Vest Set  


These prepackaged vest kits come with 8 large size #003L, #005L, or #006L vests and a #009RD carrying case. These vests are larger so they can fit over turnout gear.  All 8 vests will be of the same type of vest. Color: Red carrying case/ Orange vest. Wt. 98 oz.


  • Incident Commander
  • Safety Officer
  • Operations
  • Information Officer
  • Accountability
  • Rehab
  • Staging
  • Air Supply
  • Water Supply


          Fire Command Vest Set

#005 Style Vest#003 Style Vest

                              #006 Style Vest

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#022-5: Vest Set with #005L Vests
#022-3: Vest Set with #003L Vests (Add $65.00)
#022-6: Vest Set with #006L Vests (Add $135.00)
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Fire Command Vest Sets, 3 different styles of vest!

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