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Fire Equipment, Fire Gloves, Fire Boots, Fire Helmets.
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Under Armour
Used Fire Safety Equipment and Tools!
Accountability Tags
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Adapters / Hardware
Single Gas and Four-Gas MSA Air Monitors and Biosystems monitors.
Akron Ball Valve Repair Kits
Apparatus Equipment
5.11 Shirt, 5.11 Pants, Badge Holders, Wallets, Belts, Boots, Workplace Gear, Cooling Gear, EMS Gear, Duty Gear, Cleanup Gloves, Hard Hats, Performance Gear, Radio Holders, Rain Gear, Safety Glasses, Safety Vests
Assorted Bags
Standard 3” x 1000’ Rolls.
Wool blanket measures 80”L x 62”W. Treated with Dupont® X-12 for fire retardancy. Optional Vinyl Bag measures 17”L x 12”W x 4”D.
Cable and Reels.
Cameras - Thermal Imagers
Cameras - Backup
View our many different Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
Cascade Systems and Equipment
Pelican Cases
Choose from our variety of wheel chocks and mounting brackets.
Compartment Matting.
Quality Confined Space Blowers.
Cribbing blocks and stairs.
Drip Torches
Quality Newton dump valves and extension chutes.
EMS Bottle Carts
CPR Equipment
EMS Gear
Hip Kits/Glove Cases
Transfer Sheets
Trauma/Medical Bags
Extrication Gear!
Extrication Tools
Fall Protection Products including rope, harnesses, carabiners, etc.
Misting Fans
Tempest and Super Vac gas powered and electric PPV fans and smoke ejectors.
View our complete line of Fire Extinguishers, brackets, and cabinets.
Firefighter Gear including fire helmets, hoods, fire gloves, firefighter turnout coats and pants, and firefighter boots.
Premium quality Firefighter, Fire Gloves
First Kits and Products.
Flashlights from Pelican, Streamlight, Brightstar, Underwater Kinetics, and more!
Choose from our variety of foam products including Silvex Class A foam, AFFF Foam, F500 or F-500 foam, 3%, 3% - 6%, and more.
Foam Tubes
Folding Steps
Folding Tanks & Parts
Foxfire Illumination
Generators and generator lights with 500 watts of Quartz Halogen lighting.
Glove Straps
Extrication Gloves
Industrial Gloves
Law Enforcement Gloves
Rescue Gloves
Goggles & Safety Glasses
Goggles & Safety Glasses
Grain Bin Rescue
Hall Runners
Hand Tools
Hazmat Equipment including patch and plug response kits.
Hi Viz Gear
Home and Personal safety equipment including self defense sprays, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and more.
Choose from our huge variety of Fire fighting hoods from nomex, carbon, PBI, P84 and more.
Hooligan Bars
Hydraulic Rescue Tools
Junction Boxes.
Junction Boxes
Kussmaul battery chargers, auto ejects, air ejects and complete kits.
Quality ladders from Duo-Safety.
Leader Ambulance
Lights - Scene
Various Warning Lights from Whelen, Federal Signal, Code 3 and Signal Vehicle Products.
Mansaver Bars.
Choose from our many mounting brackets for your axes, pike poles, adapters, and other tools and equipment mounting brackets.
Nozzles / Monitors / Tips
Quality pike poles from NUPLA, and pike pole brackets from Southpark Brass.
Choose from our variety of playpipes.
PPV Fans
External Fire Pump Cooler
Pumps - Portable
Choose from our variety of reflective items.
Rescue Randy
Quality roof kits from NUPLA.
Quality salvage covers.
Quality Ventmaster and Cutoff Saws.
Seat Belt Cutters
View our Self Defense Sprays.
Shovels from Nupla.
Siphons - Jet
Sirens and Speakers from Federal Signal.
Choose one of the value package skid units, or build a custom skid.
Quality sledge hammers from NUPLA.
View our many different Kidde Smoke Alarms.
Smoke Ejectors
Inexpensive choice for creating huge volumes of white smoke. Highly effective means of producing a realistic disaster scene.
Smoke Machines from Tempest.
Station Gear
Low level, barrel, and floating strainers.
View our Stretchers.
TAC Stick/FireCraft trACer
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Tips - Stacked and Smooth Bore
Traffic Safety items including high visibility safety vests, safety cones, light glow sticks, led batons, lime bomber jackets, polar fleece parkas, lighted pop up cone five packs, fold and roll highway safety signs and more.
Truck Wash and Polish Kits
True North Wildland Packs
Utility Vehicles
Water Rescue
Weather Radios/Scanners
Quality water or foam back packs for wildland/forestry fires.
Choose from our variety of window punching tools.
Winter Traction
Choose from our variety of spanner, storz, and hydrant wrenches and wrench sets.
Fire Safety USA sells Fire Gear, Fire Equipment, Fire Hose, Fire Boots, Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Gloves, Fire Hoods and more. Free Shipping on select items.

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