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When rescuing people from high heights firefighters rely on fall protection rescue kits to save people in high buildings or who have fallen into dangerous waters. This is why Fire Safety USA offers a wide variety of amazing rescue kits to choose from so firefighters can continue to save more lives. We currently have the FR escape tether, RIT kits, Survivor 8 escape system, EdgeTech system, CMC Pro-Series, litter harness, firefighter retrieval kit, LoadTender system, Victim pick-off kit, Escape Artist system (web), Escape Artist system, water rescue kit - shore rescue, victim's gear kit, confined space entrant personal kit, Piggyback 4:1 M/A kit, water rescue kit - rescue swimmer, river rescue Z-Rig kit, Rescuer personal kit, Access pulley system, CSR pulley system, Litter harness kit, confined space belay retrieval kit, main line kit, rope rescue system - Pac kit, Tower guiding line kit, rope rescue truck cache kit - MPD rigging, 2-person confined space rescue entrant kit, tower rescue kit, CMC USAR traditional rigging kit, rope rescue team kit - MPD rigging, USAR task force kit, confined space rescue team kit, rope rescue team kit, and the team MPD rigging kit.

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FR Escape Tether
Used to connect a descent control device to harness or belt. Kevlar® brand fiber web for high heat and flame resistance. ProTech Manual-Lock Carabiner w/ Keeper Pin and Stainless Steel Quick Link Oval (5mm) included.
$59.00  $52.00
RIT Kits
These kits include our new reflective RIT Line and two bright orange ProTech™ Manual-Lock Carabiners with keeper pins.
$215.00  $185.00
Survivor 8 Escape System
Our lower cost Escape System does not sacrifice performance. It features the Survivor 8, Escape Line, a tough CORDURA® nylon Escape Bag, and our ProTech Manual-Lock Carabiners for anchoring the line.
$225.00  $195.00
CMC Pro-Series Litter Harness
This fully adjustable litter harness intended for use with a rigid litter features parachute buckles on each of the four legs.
$305.00  $270.00
Firefighter Retrieval Kit
The equipment in this kit can be configured in a variety of ways to assist a downed firefighter even under dire circumstances.
$450.00  $405.00
Victim Pick-Off Kit
This kit contains the complete set-up to attach a stranded subject to your system for a lowering or rappel-based pick-off rescue. The Pick-Off Strap can be attached to the Victim Harness and everything stored in the bag that comes attached to the harness.
$445.00  $415.00
Escape Artist System
Containing all the tools you need for successful emergency egress, this top-of-the-line system allows for hands-free operation to ensure a safe edge transition as well as a controllable descent.
$550.00  $475.00
Escape Artist System (Web)
This lighter, more compact system is small enough to be worn in the pocket of bunker pants. Instead of rope it contains 50 feet of our new FR Escape Web, developed at the request of firefighters looking for a more compact, lightweight escape solution.
$550.00  $495.00
Water Rescue Kit - Shore Rescue
This package has the basic personal protective equipment needed to respond to a water rescue incident or work within 15 ft. of moving water. The rescuer should add a dry suit or wet suit as appropriate for thermal protection.
$615.00  $560.00
Confined Space Entrant Personal Kit
Whether using a retrieval line or being lowered to make a vertical entry into a confined space, this kit features the basic personal gear you’ll need.
$825.00  $765.00
Water Rescue Kit - Rescue Swimmer
This package has the basic personal protective equipment needed by anyone responding to a water rescue incident as a rescue swimmer. Appropriate thermal protection such as a dry suit or wet suit should be added.
$950.00  $855.00
River Rescue Z-Rig Kit
This package includes the water-compatible components you need for setting up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system for water rescue incidents. ProTech Pulleys help keep the bulk and weight down, and an included Rappel 8 allows for a lowering system as well.
$995.00  $905.00
Rescuer Personal Kit
This kit contains the minimum personal equipment an individual rescuer should have in his gear pack, including personal protection equipment (PPE) for the head and hands.
$1,295.00  $1,145.00
Confined Space Belay/Retrieval Kit
A complete system to attach to a tripod or other anchor for a belay line or retrieval line for a confined space entrant, whether for work or for a rescue.
$1,653.00  $1,475.00
CSR Pulley System
The patented locking mechanism in our CSR Pulley is easy to release under load, creating much greater efficiency with the lowering and raising necessary to a confined space rescue.
$1,595.00  $1,480.00
Litter Harness Kit
This kit includes our Litter Harness in addition to the Patient Tie-In System and Patient Tie-In Pelvic Harness. The two Gibbs Ascenders and Etrier are for attaching the litter attendant to the tender line.
$1,850.00  $1,735.00
Main Line Kit
Everything you need to set up a simple 3:1 mechanical advantage raising system with the option of a change of direction, a complex 5:1 mechanical advantage raising system, or a lowering system, this Kit includes gear for anchors and edge protection.
$1,950.00  $1,750.00
Rope Rescue System - Pac Kit
Everything but the rope to fully outfit the Rope Rescue System-Pac for a complete systems kit, this kit includes the gear to rig a main line lowering or raising system, mechanical advantage, and a separate belay system.
$2,350.00  $2,150.00
Tower Guiding Line Kit
A specialty kit for latticework tower and tapered structure rescues, the guiding line facilitates the descent when there is a need to create space between the victim and the structure. Use this kit in conjunction with the Tower Rescue Kit.
$2,450.00  $2,280.00
Rope Rescue Truck Cache Kit - MPD Rigging
When setting up systems, this well-organized kit provides efficient access to all the rigging hardware needed to set up a main line and belay.
$3,450.00  $3,166.80
2-Person Confined Space Rescue Entrant Kit
Containing the minimum equipment needed for a two-person confined space standby team, this kit consists of two Confined Space Entrant Personal Packages and two Additional Entrant Retrieval Line Packages.
$3,600.00  $3,335.00
Tower Rescue Kit
Years of experience in our Tower Rescue classes have enabled CMC to refine the equipment list that provides safer access when working at heights, but has the minimum gear needed to initiate an onsite rescue or to respond to tower rescues.
$6,650.00  $6,340.00
CMC USAR Traditional Rigging Kit
A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues.
$6,950.00  $6,650.00
Rope Rescue Team Kit - MPD Rigging
This kit containins the minimum equipment required to handle most high or low-angle rope rescue responses.
$7,100.00  $6,825.00
USAR Task Force Kit
A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues.
$7,950.00  $7,550.00
Confined Space Rescue Team Kit
This kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, stand-by rescuer, main-line operator and belayer to set up systems for vertical entry into a confined space for both rescue and patient transport.
$10,995.00  $10,220.00
Rope Rescue Team Kit
When your team needs to perform high-or low-angle rescue operations, these kits have everything you need: the combined contents of our Rope Rescue Team Kit with personal gear for four rescuers.
$11,595.00  $10,525.00
Team MPD Rigging Kit
When your team needs to perform high-or low-angle rescue operations, these kits have everything you need: the combined contents of our Rope Rescue Team Kit with personal gear for four rescuers.
$12,500.00  $11,380.00
Rescue Kits

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