CMC Carabiner - S/S Auto Lock

by CMC
SKU 300010
Ships Direct from Manufacturer

The Most Corrosion-Resistant Carabiner Available

100% Stainless Steel
ANSI-Certified Version Available
If you work in some of the toughest conditions imaginable and need a carabiner that is ready to perform no matter how harsh the environment, this is the model you’ve been waiting for. Made of 100% stainless steel, including internal parts such as pins and springs, this carabiner is compact enough to operate easily with one hand and has a side-swing gate. The non-ANSI version will fit over a standard litter rail. The key-lock design eliminates snagging, and the three-stage auto-locking gate has a visual locking indicator. Ours is the only stainless carabiner with the highest NFPA strength rating-General Use.

Every carabiner is proof loaded.

Major Axis
42 kN
42 kN
Minor Axis
12 kN
12 kN
Major Axis, Gate Open
12 kN
12 kN


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