Connect your hose to any fire hydrant or water source with a corresponding adapter, also known as a fitting.

Ideal for fire departments, as well as industrial workplaces and residential settings, adapters create a secure connection between a fire hose and a pipe, hydrant or ball shutoff with a different diameter or thread. To quickly deliver water and extinguish the blaze, turn to Fire Safety USA for all standard fire hose adapter configurations.

Types of Fire Hose Adapters

Fire hose fittings include the following combinations:

  • Double female adapters feature a swivel, ball bearing design made of metal.
  • Double male adapters are a rigid metal connector.
  • Male to female adapters feature a rigid or swivel configuration made of metal.
  • Storz adapters are known as a sexless coupling or fitting. Rather than adapt an existing thread, each has a screw-on design that attaches to a pipe, hydrant or other water source with an identical diameter. Due to this format, fire departments typically use four- or five-inch Storz adapters.
  • Hazmat adapters convert a single male thread into two male garden hose thread connectors, each equipped with a separate shut-off valve. These adapters are ideal for hazmat and cleaning operations.

Order Fire Hose Fittings and Adapters From Fire Safety USA

For your fire department, commercial workplace or residential community, make sure you have all essential fire hose adapters on hand. Browse all formats today before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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