You walk into a burning building and are met with darkness and a cloud of smoke. In this and similar scenarios, an ordinary flashlight just doesn't cut it in terms of visibility and performance.

Firefighting flashlights anticipate this setting. Hands-free construction means you attach your light to your helmet or gear. A more concentrated beam lets you see through the smoke, so you know where you're going and can see objects, people or animals potentially in your path.

To update your fire department's or facility's equipment, learn more about the characteristics and types of firefighting flashlights:

Attributes of Firefighting Flashlights

Entering a building engulfed in flames likely means contending with a damaged electrical system, confined spaces and a multitude of obstructions. You're tasked not only with putting out the fire but helping any humans and animals trapped inside get to safety. At the same time, smoke impacts your visibility, and high temperatures require more durable, reliable gear.

Considering these factors, firefighter lights typically offer:

  • Waterproof construction
  • Dustproof construction to block out dirt, debris and smoke particles
  • Superior heat resistance
  • Hands-free use

Types of Firefighting Lights

Some of the more common types of firefighting flashlights include:

  • Fire helmet lights: These flashlights mount directly to a firefighting helmet or hard hat for hands-free, impact-resistant use and a concentrated beam.
  • Dual- and right-angle lights: These firefighting flashlights secure directly to your clothing, aim the beam at an angle and provide a choice of lighting modes to help you adapt to your surroundings.
  • Lanterns and flood lights: Lanterns and flood lights deliver a larger, more brilliant beam. Solutions let you switch between carrying with a handle and hands-free operation.

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