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You expect to get as much use out of your turnout gear as you can. To help preserve its integrity and ensure it's ready to go for your next mission, fire gear lockers - also called turnout gear storage racks - keep your essentials organized and in one place. Additionally, between jobs, the format lets you hang and air out your gear after a thorough decontamination and washing.

If you're thinking about upgrading your storage racks or simply looking for a replacement, learn more about their distinctive arrangement and what Fire Safety USA carries:

What Ready Racks and Firefighter Lockers Do

Sometimes referred to by their brand name, Ready Rack, firefighter lockers eliminate needing to fold your turnout gear - or, worse, having workers just toss or stuff their uniform into a corner. A locker design with hooks lets you hang jackets, pants and other PPE, letting them fully dry to reduce moisture buildup, creases and gradual damage.

Beyond storage alone, firefighter lockers form the last step of washing and decontamination. Without this essential process, soot, chemicals and other carcinogenic particles accumulate on your turnout gear, turning it into an exposure risk.

As such, your team thoroughly cleans your turnout gear with detergents and an extractor washer designed to dislodge these particles. Afterward, you're advised to either place the gear on an air-drying rack or inside a drying cabinet. Without this environment, mold and odors quickly accumulate inside your turnout jacket and pants.

Using a fire gear rack:

  • Creates an optimal environment for air flow.
  • Lets you dry your gear inside the station - away from UV exposure.
  • Helps your gear fully dry, reducing damp areas that attract mold and mildew and ensuring you get the most use out of your uniform.

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Browse heavy-duty fire gear racks and lockers, allowing a high degree of airflow and reducing risks for mold buildup. Shop Ready Racks and more systems now at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, through our call center or our direct fax line.

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