Flashlight Accessories

Never ask yourself "Is my flashlight charged?" as the alarm sounds. Know ahead of time if you have reliable illumination and proper visibility for the environment ahead with appropriate accessories and replacement parts for your flashlight.

If you own a Streamlight or model from another brand, browse the following components at Fire Safety USA to maintain your gear:

Types of Firefighter Flashlight Accessories

Order replacements of the following:

  • Replacement Flashlight Batteries: Browse by brand or model. Find rechargeable Streamlight Survivor batteries, as well as versatile alkaline and lithium-ion solutions.
  • Chargers and cords: Ensure your firefighting flashlight is fully charged ahead of time. Should your existing cord start to fray or your flashlight's charging system no longer work, order a replacement component through Fire Safety USA. We carry standard charging cords, as well as charging banks and mounts.
  • Replacement Switches: Don't just toss your flashlight when the switch goes or breaks off. Should the rest of your system remain in solid condition, find a corresponding Streamlight switch through Fire Safety USA.
  • Helmet mounts: You prefer your illumination hands-free. Should your mount get damaged, or should you opt to keep your flashlight out of the way, Fire Safety USA has you covered with compatible solutions from Streamlight.

We're here to help you maintain your and your team's firefighting gear. Browse all flashlight batteries, replacement parts and accessories now before placing your order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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