Leak & Repair Kits

Effectively responding to an emergency often means identifying and controlling the source. In the case of fires, flames may be the result of leaking oil, gasoline or another combustible substance. During these operations, your team both prevents the flames from spreading and contains the cause, turning to drum and pipe repair kits and spill mitigation supplies.

Within your arsenal of hazmat supplies, pair your personal protective equipment with emergency leak repair products:

Types of Leak Repair Products for Firefighters

A leaking combustible may start from a drum of oil, a damaged car, a broken pipe or a cabinet containing multiple chemicals. The substance may be traveling through a single puncture or a large crack, pooling on the floor or ground and expanding over a large area.

Leak control products anticipate this range of scenarios. At the scene, firefighters apply an absorbent to control the spread of the spill and, at the same time, patch or temporarily repair the source of the hazard.

Types of emergency leak repair products and kits include:

  • Plugs: Often shaped like footballs, these foam plugs quickly close a cracked drum, controlling the flow of a combustible or flammable substance.
  • Pipe repair kits: These solutions let you repair a cracked or damaged pipe causing a flammable or combustible substance to leak out.
  • Sorbent pads: Sorbent pads assist with containing oil and other petroleum-based substances, absorbing large quantities of liquid relative to their weight.
  • Putty and granules: In both forms, these polymers create a non-absorbent seal for closing off drums, pipes and other sources.

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