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Every second counts. Firefighters, first responders, law enforcement and emergency personnel approach their jobs with this notion, jumping into action and quickly accessing their gear.

Fire equipment and first responder bags are specifically designed for these operations. Zippered, rolling and pack-style bags feature compartments for organizing gear, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical supplies, and won't hinder your responsiveness.

At the same time, fire equipment bags go beyond compartments and loops. Lightweight yet rugged construction suits the task at hand and holds up to common hazards. As you outfit your team or ensure you have the right supplies for the job, explore the following types of bags and packs at Fire Safety USA:

Types of Fire Equipment and First Responder Bags

From general tactical and law enforcement use to equipping fire departments, our selection of packs and bags includes:

  • Firefighter Bags: Larger, spacious and durable construction provides ample room for tools, PPE, your SCBA and more essential gear. Browse turnout, tool and more bags.
  • Medical Bags: Medical and trauma bags provide the space and organizational features for first aid and more life-saving supplies. These bags and packs accommodate volunteer EMTs, first responders and first aid needs for businesses and schools. Also find all supplies to keep your kit filled and fully stocked.
  • Rescue Bags: Anticipate potential rescue operations with rope bags from CMC, as well as duffle and equipment storage bags for carrying and organizing your gear.
  • Tactical Bags: Respond and access your equipment at a moment's notice with tactical bags, a durable, multipurpose solution designed for military and law enforcement personnel.

Order Fire Equipment and First Responder Bags From Fire Safety USA

Since 2005, we have provided fire and emergency departments with a wide range of quality equipment, including packs and gear bags for storing protective, medical and rescue supplies. Order online or through our call center or fax line to stock up on all essentials today!

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