Particulate Fire Hoods

As flames tear through a structure, the heat and combustion process release gases, vapors and liquids. At the same time, particulates from ash to building materials fill the air. Research in recent decades has identified a link between these exposures and elevated cancer risks for firefighters. In response, professionals gearing up to respond to an emergency put on a fire hood and their SCBA to limit related contact around the head, neck and chest area.

In keeping your workforce safe, learn more about what firefighter hoods do:

How Fire Hoods Work

PPE doesn't create a fully impenetrable barrier. Instead, gases, liquids and smoke particulates may pass through the fabric or seams. Direct skin contact with these substances increases absorption rates. High temperatures and heavy perspiration also elevate these risks.

Fire hoods work in conjunction with other firefighting gear to create a head-to-toe barrier against particulates, gases and liquids. The design targets the head, face and neck, filtering particulates as small as 0.2 microns.

Today, fire hoods deliver these properties through one of two constructions. With a microporous structure, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) provides a high level of flame resistance while retaining its shape and integrity at higher temperatures. Nonwoven nanofibers - for example, aramid or Nomex hoods - use a series of filaments to trap outside particles and prevent them from passing through the material.

Features of Firefighting Hoods

For reducing exposure to carcinogenic particles, fire hoods:

  • Must filter out 90% of particles at a minimum to receive NFPA 1971 certification.
  • Deliver thermal protection for the head and neck area, including heat and flame resistance.
  • Protect the face, neck and head, with bib features extending coverage to the chest and shoulder blades.
  • Fit around SCBA masks.

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