Medical Bags

Prepare to rapidly and accurately administer medical care at the scene of an emergency. Medical bags - including EMT packs, EMS trauma bags and first aid kits - ensure access to the supplies your team needs, storing them in dedicated compartments.

Whether you manage a group of first responders, paramedics or volunteers, equip all personnel with medic bags from Lightning X and more brands, including the following:

First Responder and EMS Bags

Used by EMTs, paramedics, first responders, rescue teams and other emergency personnel, these medical bags include multiple compartments and pouches for quickly accessing supplies to address scrapes, lacerations, deeper wounds, burns, sprains and more serious injuries.

These medical bags open with a flap or zipper to reveal all organizational features, may include modular features for a degree of customization and are often equipped with an ample interior for storing masks and cervical collars. Water-resistant, heavy-duty material holds up to repeat usage while shielding supplies from the elements.

Medical Pouches and Specialty Kits

Complement and organize your EMT, first responder or paramedic bag with clear pouches, and make sure your team is equipped to address specific injury types with the following:

  • Quick access pouches: These small medical bags keep bandages, lights, gloves and tools secure, organized and away from moisture.
  • Burn kits: Create a burn kit with dedicated, clearly labeled supplies to quickly treat these potentially life-threatening injuries during an emergency.
  • Oxygen trauma kits: These specialty EMS bags include space for an oxygen cylinder and delivery devices, as well as other medical supplies.

Order Medical Bags From Fire Safety USA

Through affordable, quality products and attention to customer service, Fire Safety USA ensures your team is fully equipped to handle a range of emergencies. Browse backpack, carry and pouch-style medical bags now before placing your order online, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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