As firefighters, you and your team come in contact with a broad range of hazards - from smoke, flames and flammable gases to carcinogens to potentially unsound structures. Yet, you also have a job to do. Personal protective equipment (PPE) serves two roles for professionals like yourself: Gear both shields you from various exposures and helps you respond to unpredictable situations more efficiently.

Firefighter PPE isn't an option, either: Your department requires adequate protective coverage from your head to your feet to mitigate a range of health and safety concerns. For stocking up on the essentials, Fire Safety USA carries the following:

Essential Firefighter PPE

Browse our selection for:

  • Firefighting Boots: From high temperatures to rolling objects, fully protect your feet and ankles with boots meeting or exceeding NFPA standards.
  • Bunker and Turnout Gear: Turnout gear is the core of your PPE strategy, shielding your skin from common hazards without compromising your ability to move. Shop fire-resistant jackets and pants in standard colors and with reflective elements now.
  • EMS Gear: If you're a medical professional attending to victims at the scene of a fire or other emergency, EMS gear provides a waterproof, breathable solution that limits exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  • Gloves: Protect your hands from heat exposure while still getting the grip you need to maneuver a hose, tools and other essential equipment. Browse heavy-duty, flexible solutions for firefighting, extrication, industrial and rescue use, as well as general tactical and nitrile models.
  • Firefighting Helmets: A helmet is one of the most essential pieces of firefighter PPE, shielding the head from high temperatures and falling objects. Browse traditional models, as well as newer lightweight, streamlined solutions ideal for navigating narrow, confined spaces.
  • Hoods: The area between your helmet and jacket presents a significant exposure risk - including for heat and carcinogens. Firefighter hoods create a barrier for the neck, chest and face to minimize contact with flames and filter out potentially cancer-causing particulates.

Storage and Cleaning

Ensure your PPE is ready for use. Browse the following products for maintaining your turnout gear and more:

  • Cleaners: Make sure you have dedicated solutions for thoroughly cleaning your turnout gear and carrying out decontamination procedures. Fire Safety USA additionally carries general-purpose and glass cleaning products.
  • Storage racks: Keep all turnout gear in one place, ready to go for your next mission.

Shop Firefighting PPE at Fire Safety USA

Since 2005, Fire Safety USA has supplied fire departments, rescue teams, first responders and industrial workplaces with personal protective equipment relative to the hazards workers routinely face. Turn to us as a source for all your essentials - be it turnout gear and helmets or cleaning solutions.

Browse our large selection of high-quality, affordable firefighting PPE today before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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