Water doesn't always flow at a consistent pace. Yet, for putting out flames, a lack of predictability becomes a safety issue - if not a life-or-death concern.

In fire suppression systems and for using static water sources, fire pumps facilitate the flow rate your building or team requires. Learn more about the different types available at Fire Safety USA:

What Are Fire Pumps?

For extinguishing flames with water or foam, fire pumps can be found in two locations: in water-based fire suppression systems like sprinklers to increase pressure in larger, complex buildings like warehouses, apartment complexes and offices and in fire engines for extracting water from a static source like a pond, lake or reservoir.

In these arrangements, a motor increases the amount of pressure available, transforming mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. While not always essential, fire pumps increase the pressure in scenarios where water may not flow at a specific speed or reach a certain distance. Its inclusion creates a regular and predictable supply of water - be it for when a sprinkler gets activated or for fighting fires in rural and other areas without a municipal water system.

As a note, fire pumps aren't any different from other extinguishing components: They need a compatible thread to operate with your hose or existing piping. Without this alignment, your system may receive too much or too little pressure or could generate an inconsistent spray pattern.

Types of Fire Pumps

Fire pumps use one of three types of actions:

  • Positive displacement: Positive displacement pumps discharge water at a specific rate and volume. High-pressure fire pumps typically use this system. Keep in mind that these fire pumps can't handle high volumes of water and typically deliver a low-flow/high-pressure combination. These characteristics also make them ideal for pumping foam.
  • Centrifugal: Centrifugal pumps are the most widely used. Through a spinning force, these fire pumps suck in water before discharging it. This arrangement better handles large amounts of water and can deliver periodic bursts of high pressure.
  • Multistage multiport: This type of fire pump has multiple ports, each delivering a different degree of pressure.

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Since 2005, we have supplied fire departments and industrial facilities with high-quality, affordable essentials to quickly extinguish blazes - whether with water or foam. To update your system or replace your existing pump, browse devices based on building size, water volume and threading. Shop standard and portable fire pumps ranging from six to over 20HP, including portable devices, from CET and more brands now at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, through our call center or through our direct fax line.

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