Based on the location of your fire department or facility, you might have access to consistently flowing water or need to use a stagnant source. In the latter scenario, equipping your team with a suction system plus a strainer diverts water free of debris to your hose and toward the flames.

For rounding out your fire suppression equipment, learn more about what hose strainers do:

What Is a Hose Strainer?

Featuring fully metal construction, hose strainers have a grid-like pattern and attach to your suction system. This setup allows water from a static source to flow through the pump to the hose without carrying pebbles, gravel and other debris with it.

In performing this action, the hose strainer:

  • Prevents the pump from sucking in particles.
  • Fastens directly to your suction system.
  • Is equipped with a non-return valve to prevent backflow.
  • Stays in place, floats or has a swivel action.
  • Reduces clogging to improve pump flow and preserve your fire hose.
  • Features a lightweight, compact design for convenient storage and transport.

Order Hose Strainers From Fire Safety USA

Outfit your firefighting team with all essentials for accessing a clean flow of water to efficiently control flames. Should you primarily use stagnant sources or if access varies across your region, find a corresponding hose strainer for your suction system at Fire Safety USA. Browse multiple configurations from Harrington and Kochek now before ordering online, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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