Firefighting professionals face a number of hazards. Flames and high temperatures are just the start: Based on the source, professionals and volunteers are additionally exposed to carcinogenic compounds and flammable substances leaking from a vehicle or punctured barrel.

To anticipate this spectrum of risks, approach the scene with appropriate hazmat supplies - to protect yourself, contain spills and control smoke.

Hazards Firefighters Encounter

Fires go beyond rising temperatures and spreading flames. The combustion process releases harmful chemicals. A crumbling building, meanwhile, exposes antiquated materials like asbestos. Incidents in industrial plants may involve a leaking or spilled flammable substance, while vehicular accidents cause oil to pool near a source of ignition.

Considering these factors and the need for hazmat supplies, firefighters risk being exposed to:

  • A range of carcinogenic substances - from asbestos and benzene to flame retardants.
  • Oils, chemicals and flammable compounds.
  • Smoke inhalation.

What Hazmat Supplies for Firefighters Do

To shield themselves against the above hazards, firefighters first don a spectrum of personal protective equipment - including SCBAs and gear to limit exposure to carcinogens. They further arm themselves with hazmat supplies to control a substance causing a fire to spread and to limit physical contact.

Common hazmat supplies used by firefighters include:

  • Repair kits and leak control supplies: Reduce the amount of flammable liquid spilling onto the ground. These kits allow firefighters to repair a cracked barrel or pipe first before controlling oil, gas or a chemical causing the fire to spread. Along with full kits, order plugs, sorbent pads and putty to carry out these operations.
  • Smoke blowers: Clear smoke from a room or area to fully assess your space.
  • Gas detectors and calibration supplies: Assess an area for the presence of combustible gaseous substances. Find detectors plus calibration supplies and regulators.

Prepare for anything - flames to chemical spills - with hazmat supplies available through Fire Safety USA. Browse products and kits from Honeywell, Edwards and Cromwell and more brands now before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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