Foam Accessories

When sprayed, foam goes on thick, cooling the flames, separating the fuel from the igniter and suffocating the fire. These attributes further control flammable vapors to prevent fire from reigniting.

For emergencies, firefighting foam is deployed in one of three general formats: via a fire extinguisher, mixed with water through pipes as part of a fire suppression system or manually applied via a Nozzle Aspirated Foam System (NAFS).

Learn more about how a NAFS works and the essential equipment needed to administer foam directly onto the flames:

NAFS and Related Foam Delivery Equipment

A Nozzle Aspirated Foam System includes a water supply, pump, a proportioner to blend and allocate the right amount of foam solution, a nozzle and an eductor. This arrangement pumps liquid foam concentrate at a specific rate and pressurizes between 180 and 200 PSI. From here, the foam passes through an eductor and hose before being discharged onto the flames.

To help your department or team perform this action, Fire Safety USA carries the following NAFS parts:

  • Nozzles: These applicators assist with delivering foam and extinguishing the flames directly. Nozzles can aim foam at narrow, difficult-to-reach areas to control a fire.
  • Eductors: Find solutions rated up to 200 PSI and compatible with nozzles ranging between 50 and 100 PSI. Features control the flow of foam and reduce backup during delivery.
  • Pumps and Foam Inductors: Pumps work with the eductor to divert foam into the hose at a specific flow rate and pressure.

Browse these and more types of firefighting foam delivery equipment now at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, through our call center or our direct fax line.

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