As flames increase in size and spread over a larger area, your team requires a stronger, wider-reaching stream of water. Fire monitors - also called water cannons, deluge guns or deck guns - amplify your flow. These solutions deliver an average of 1,000 gallons per minute and cover a greater distance in the process, in turn extinguishing the fire in less times and saving property and lives in the process.

How Do Fire Water Monitors Work?

Secured to the ground or a fire truck, fire monitors discharge water faster and over a larger area. Not only does this approach extinguish the flames sooner, but the pattern created extends beyond the immediate area, targeting flames that may have spread.

Efficiency is another bonus: The apparatus typically requires one individual to operate, or can be left in place as firefighters maneuver their hoses to control flames in the immediate area. As well, considering potential fire sources, monitors are built to deliver both foam and water, making them ideal not just for firefighting departments but also industrial and manufacturing facilities, oil refineries and chemical handling applications.

In terms of performance, water cannons discharge at a rate of 300 to 2,000 gallons per minute.

Features of Fire Monitors

For controlling flames over a wider area, a fire monitor system typically offers a combination of the following:

  • A sweeping, oscillating, fog or variable water stream rather than a flow directed toward a single spot.
  • An adjustable nozzle to change the flow pattern relative to the hazard.
  • 180° to 360° rotation, based on where it's placed, as well as a 90° vertical path.
  • Adjustable elevation.
  • Hands-free use during operation.
  • Spikes for ground stability, and a handle for portability.
  • A pressure gauge and ball shutoff valve or spring-loaded baffle to control the flow of water.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction.

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