Folding Tanks

When your team of firefighters is facing flames consuming an outdoor area, an easily accessible water source may not be nearby. What options do you have? Here's where portable tanks come in: With a folding, collapsible frame, these structures hold up to 5,000 gallons, can be set up in multiple locations and offer leakproof construction.

What Are Portable Water Tanks?

Also known as a folding frame tank, this solution features a rigid and sturdy metal frame with a lightweight yet durable liner built to withstand the elements. The frame unfolds, providing an open, box-like design with a capacity of 500 to 5,000 gallons that can be filled from a fire truck or helicopter through standard fittings. Quickly set up at the scene, portable tanks hold stationary water or serve as a backup water supply.

Once your team extinguishes the fire, the tank collapses for compact, efficient transportation and storage.

Uses for Portable Tanks

For firefighters, portable tanks are ideal for controlling forest fires or extinguishing flames in an area with a limited or less accessible water supply.

Additionally, for industrial, manufacturing and other workplaces, this versatile design:

  • Is ideal as a secondary spill containment solution, including for hazmat cleanup.
  • Can be used as a decontamination pool for humans, animals or equipment.
  • Can hold large quantities of water for agricultural or construction use.
  • Provides an area for temporarily storing water.

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