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All it takes is a few sparks and flammable materials for a fire to spread - be it through a home, workplace or the outdoors. Fire mitigation strategies involve anticipating these hazards, as well as equipping your team with the necessary supplies to control the blaze and reduce exposure to heat and potential contaminants.

Starting as a family business selling fire extinguishers, Fire Safety USA encompasses a full line of protective equipment, gear and emergency tools and supplies. Work with us to outfit your team of firefighters or emergency personnel or to update your organization's fire prevention strategy.

The Role of Fire Safety Products and Gear

Based on figures from the U.S. Fire Administration, every 116,500 non-residential fires contribute to over 1,000 injuries and over 100 deaths per year.

Fire safety, including procedures and mitigation solutions available, reduces these numbers. Whether through fire extinguishers and other suppression tactics to personal protective equipment (PPE) for emergency personnel, fire safety products:

  • Save lives and reduce injuries in your workplace and community as a whole.
  • Help reduce risks for fire-related disasters that could quickly spread over a large area.
  • Help preserve property, reduce financial losses and keep business insurance costs down.
  • Improve safety in the workplace and comply with building codes and safety regulations.
  • Minimize environmental damage, including preserving existing habitats and reducing exposure to toxic gases.
  • Complement a community's or workplace's fire prevention plan, which typically includes education, compliance inspections, drills and routine maintenance to control potential hazards.

Improve Fire Prevention With Fire Safety USA

Since becoming Fire Safety USA in 2005, we've expanded our services and offerings. Today, we supply fire departments and emergency personnel with the essential gear, tools and PPE to control blazes, save lives, preserve the environment and reduce harmful exposures. At the same time, our solutions help workplaces maintain compliance with local fire safety and building codes.

Explore our full selection of fire and safety products today - including to outfit your facility or your team's fleet of vehicles. Whether you order online, through our call center or our direct fax line, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and delivering quality fire and safety products at the best possible value.

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