Helmet Accessories

Looking to add some personality to your fire helmet? Need a replacement part? For these and other needs, browse the following fire helmet parts and accessories at Fire Safety USA:

  • Accountability tags: What's your accountability system? For organizing your workforce and ensuring everyone returns after an emergency, accountability tags offer a color-coded strategy that can be engraved with employee IDs or numbers.
  • Front shields: Ideal for classic fire helmets, shields provide space for listing a location, position and name and come in a choice of materials and colors.
  • Decals: Make a statement - from showing support to patriotism - with decals that attach to various areas of your helmet.
  • Lighting bands: See and be seen with lighting bands that can be positioned around your helmet's crown for improved visibility.
  • Eye shields and goggles: Keep your vision protected without having to fish around in your pockets for a separate set of goggles or glasses. These systems attach directly to your fire helmet, remaining in place or ready to flip down at a moment's notice.
  • Replacement chin straps: Ensure your helmet remains in place. Should the chin strap on your Bullard fire helmet break, Fire Safety USA has a corresponding replacement.

Shop these and more fire helmet accessories now before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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