As a firefighter, you think and act quickly as you're facing an emergency. As you prepare to enter a smoldering building or forest, headlamps complement wide-scale illumination with personal, close-up visibility. See what stands in your path as you extinguish flames and search for people or animals that might be trapped.

For supplying your squad or upgrading your own gear, learn more about LED light bar headlamps and other types of helmet lights:

About Headlamps for Firefighters

You only have two hands. And, you'll be using them to control a hose and use various tools during your operation. Rather than hinder your efficiency or require you to switch between multiple devices, headlamps attach directly to your helmet to light the path ahead.

In addition to freeing up your hands, firefighter helmet lights:

  • Let you navigate confined, poorly lit or otherwise challenging spaces without having to fish a handheld flashlight out of your pocket.
  • Offer waterproof, impact-resistant, fire-resistant construction.
  • Feature traditional or bar-style LEDs for long-term use.
  • Let firefighters and civilians clearly see you in dark or poorly lit conditions.
  • Provide a panoramic view of your surroundings, helping you do your job effectively and efficiently - whether saving lives or fully extinguishing flames.
  • Operate in all weather conditions.
  • Can be mounted to firefighting and other safety helmets, ball caps and directly to your head.

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