Handheld Lights

For firefighters like yourself, illumination is absolutely crucial - no matter if you're approaching the scene or inside a burning building. While scene and floodlights deliver big-picture illumination, handheld flashlights, like the popular Streamlight Wedge and similar models, provide a greater level of detail and clarity when and where you need it.

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Types of Handheld Flashlights

Not all flashlights suit the firefighting profession. Considering the conditions you face, you require something that helps you see through smoke, adds clarity through darkness and shadows and withstands both water exposure and high heat. At the same time, construction must hold up use after use to extreme hazards and block out debris and other small particles.

Small enough to fit in a pocket or belt, handheld flashlights for firefighters retain these characteristics. Common types include:

  • Standard flashlights: For firefighting and industrial use, these handheld flashlights start with a body made of aluminum or another durable material and include easy-to-push switches for convenient use. Beam concentrations and patterns give you a choice of illumination levels relative to your environment and its potential hazards.
  • Lanterns: These larger handheld flashlights deliver wider-scale illumination with a choice of lighting modes and levels.
  • Small flashlights: Also called mini lights and nightsticks, these smaller illumination solutions let you view an area in greater detail or flash as emergency lighting.

Order Small and Handheld Flashlights From Fire Safety USA

Equip yourself or your team with a secondary lighting source to identify hazards and face an emergency with greater clarity. Browse solutions from Streamlight and more brands now at Fire Safety USA before ordering online, through our call center or our direct fax line.

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