Firefighter Bags

Since 2005, Fire Safety USA has supplied fire departments with essential gear for effectively responding to emergencies and controlling blazes before they spread. Among the vast array of products we carry, firefighter bags are built to organize your gear and access what you need at a moment's notice.

Whether for upgrading your own or your team's supplies, explore the following:

Turnout Gear Bags

Also just called a "gear bag," these solutions provide the room and compartments for storing, carrying and accessing your turnout supplies, as well as your helmet, SCBA and other protective equipment.

Beyond organizational capabilities, firefighter turnout gear bags anticipate the demands and potential hazards of the job:

  • Heavy-duty, rugged construction is built to be transported to the scene, whether slung over your shoulder or rolled, and holds up emergency after emergency.
  • UV-blocking construction preserves the integrity of your gear, reducing breakdown.
  • Reinforced areas limit moisture exposure.
  • Wide-mouth designs improve gear access.
  • Strategic ventilation helps your gear dry quickly after a difficult job and reduces mildew risks.
  • Padding in key areas limits strain as you transport your firefighting gear to the scene.

Personal Tool and Toiletry Bags

Keep your tools and personal items in one place. With durable, reinforced construction, personal tool and toiletry bags can stashed away with your turnout gear or left at the station, based on what you intend to carry.

Order Firefighting Bags From Fire Safety USA

Improve your emergency response with firefighter bags from Fire Safety USA. We strive to become your team's or department's preferred supplier and combine quality products with first-rate customer service and unmatched value. As you outfit your crew or restock your essentials, order gear bags from Lightning X, Arsenal and more brands now.

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