Mounting Plates

After the first spark, the resulting flames quickly grow and spread. As a firefighter or facility manager, you don't have time to search for tools, equipment or the right fire extinguisher.

Mounting brackets, tool holders and plates secure your fire suppression essentials, keeping them where you need to respond to an emergency rapidly and efficiently. Explore all possible solutions now at Fire Safety USA:

Fire Truck Tool Mounts

Update your engine with the following:

  • Mounting brackets help secure axes, hammers, bars and other handheld equipment, allowing you to quickly grab your essentials as you respond to an emergency.
  • Tool holders provide a spot for rapidly accessing hand tools, cord ends and other smaller essentials.
  • Poles and hooks create a dedicated area for these firefighting tools.
  • Mounting plates keep your hose couplings and fittings in one place, letting you grab, go and set up your hose at the scene.

Fire Extinguisher Mounting Brackets

What if you oversee a facility or its fire safety plan? According to OSHA recommendations, fire extinguishers need to be stored in an accessible, secure location where they're less likely to experience damage. Ideally, this is about three to five feet above the floor, with the extinguisher itself kept in a cabinet or held in place with a mounting bracket or wall hanger.

Fire extinguisher mounting brackets:

  • Can be adjusted to support a range of fire extinguishers through Velcro, strap, clip or another bracket system.
  • Include a secure base for supporting the extinguisher.
  • Can be mounted in a number of locations.
  • Are suited to both commercial and residential use.

Order Mounting Brackets, Tool Mounts and Plates at Fire Safety USA

Turn to our varied selection of mounting solutions to update your fire truck or facility. Browse brackets and mounts for fire extinguishers, tools and fittings now before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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