Whether you're about to enter a burning building or a forest, you, as a firefighter, know you're surrounded by hazards. From keeping you stable on slippery or uneven surfaces to withstanding high temperatures to protecting your toes against rolling objects, firefighter boots do double duty, giving you coverage against these exposures and the traction to respond swiftly and efficiently.

Whether for your own use, stocking up your fire department's PPE or supplying your industrial facility with appropriate response gear, browse the following types of firefighter boots at Fire Safety USA:

Basic Types of Fire Boots

Your environment changes - from the concrete floors of the station to rough terrain. Considering where you are and what you might be doing, be sure to have a combination of the following fire boots available:

  • Station Boots: As the name implies, firefighters typically wear these adaptable boots while at the station or in responding to minor incidents. Also known as a duty or uniform boot, station boots share several characteristics with tactical footwear, including a lighter-weight, flexible design reinforced in key areas.
  • Bunker Boots: These are the default footwear for your turnout gear. For responding to residential and commercial fires, these firefighter boots typically start with a rubber or leather outer and protect your feet with a steel or composite toe and puncture-resistant outsole. A mix of heat-resistant and waterproof properties keep them going job after job.
  • Wildland Fire Boots: From roots to rocks, the rugged environment of fighting wildfires requires extra-durable footwear. Wildland firefighter boots upgrade the standard bunker style with additional traction to hold up to the terrain ahead.

Shop Firefighter Boots at Fire Safety USA

We have you covered against heat and water exposure and all of the unpredictable factors that lie ahead. Supplying firefighters, first responders and law enforcement professionals with essential gear since 2005, Fire Safety USA anticipates anything you could face through an affordable, high-quality selection of puncture-, heat- and impact-resistant fire boots that meet NFPA standards.

Browse anti-melt rubber and leather boots with waterproof and insulated properties, including bunker and wildfire options from Honeywell, Lion, Black Diamond and more brands now. Conveniently order your gear online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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