Rescue Bags

Timing and preparation are everything for search and rescue missions. Due to their unpredictability, you and your team need the right gear off the bat, with your supplies accessible at a moment's notice.

Rescue bags help structure your organizational approach. Whether to replace or upgrade your existing gear or expand your squad, count on Fire Safety USA for the following:

Rope Bags

Also called rescue throw bags, rope bags package one of your operation's most crucial pieces in an easily transportable, durable package. Grab and go, carrying from the top or side, and deploy the rope from either end. Browse backpack-style solutions equipped for use on land and water, with exterior attachment points for additional gear.

Gear and Stuff Bags

Law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel can quickly pack up and organize their supplies in these multipurpose bags, which are generally equipped with a large top opening and smaller pockets. Store your SCBA, harness, helmet, goggles, tools, gloves, medical supplies, descenders, eyewear and personal essentials based on the nature of the mission.

Considering where you go and how you access your gear, MOLLE webbing provides a degree of modularity, letting you use a carabiner or attach a smaller pack. Or, get a rescue bag that secures directly to your harness.

No matter the configuration, CORDURA nylon, ripstop fabric and other rugged materials withstand a broad range of conditions, protecting your gear and lasting through multiple missions.

Order Rescue and Rope Bags From Fire Safety USA

Since 2005, we have supplied firefighting, emergency and law enforcement departments with the gear they need to carry out life-saving operations. For storing and accessing your gear in anticipation, browse Lightning X and CMC bags, as well as solutions from other well-known brands, before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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