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From residential fires to car accidents, emergency medical services (EMS) workers arrive at the scene ready to address and treat injuries before the victim is taken to a hospital. This expansive and vital category encompasses first responders, paramedics and emergency medical technicians, as well as firefighters trained to administer first aid.

Yet, while professionals like yourself might not be heading into a burning building or wildfire, you contend with a different set of hazards. EMS professionals come in contact with patients experiencing a range of injuries - from burns and broken bones - that potentially expose you to bloodborne pathogens and other bodily fluids. You're also not familiar with their medical history - including any illnesses they may be carrying. As well, you often literally do heavy lifting - whether that's medical gear at the scene or assisting a victim into an ambulance or air vehicle.

EMS turnout gear anticipates and reduces exposure to these risks, providing coverage against heat and bloodborne pathogens. Keep your team of first responders prepared for their next emergency with the following:

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You're expected to be adaptable - so why shouldn't your gear be? EMS jackets and pants available through Fire Safety USA perform two key functions: Protecting you against the risks of the job and ensuring you can comfortably move and efficiently respond.

Browse ripstop, breathable EMS jackets, parkas, rescue pants and rain pants from Innotex and Gerber with a waterproof, breathable exterior, ASTM-compliant protection against bloodborne pathogens, waterproof zippers for sealing out moisture and pockets for keeping select supplies and tools close. High-visibility colors and reflective strips ensure you stay seen.

Shop these essentials now to outfit your workforce or upgrade your gear. Place your order through our website, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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