Right Angle Lights

Hazards can emerge from anywhere. Especially for dark and low-visibility areas, ensure you can see what's right in front and to your sides with a right angle flashlight.

Geared toward firefighters, police and other emergency professionals, these 90-degree flashlights disperse illumination over a wider area and allow for hands-free use.

For improving personal illumination, learn more about what right angle flashlights do:

What Is a Right Angle Flashlight?

A typical handheld flashlight generates a single concentrated beam that illuminates the area directly ahead. For a right angle flashlight, the head rotates over a 90-degree area, spreading its illumination over your field of vision.

For emergency personnel, many of these 90-degree flashlights clip or attach to your clothing, including belts and jackets. All you have to do is activate them with a button or switch and leave them in place as you use your tools, gear or hose.

While features vary based on brand, common attributes of right-angle flashlights include:

  • A low-profile design that stays out of the way as you do your job.
  • Multiple lighting modes and brightness settings for adapting to your environment.
  • Long-lasting LEDs.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • A clip or D-ring for securing the light to your gear.
  • Rugged, impact-resistant construction designed to block out moisture and debris.

Order Right Angle Flashlights From Fire Safety USA

Get a full field of vision, no matter if you're fighting fires outdoors or in confined spaces. Browse 90-degree models from Streamlight, Nightstick and more brands now at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, through our call center or our direct fax line.

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