Fire Helmets

Fire helmets are one of the most essential pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) that you put on before an emergency. Coming in contact with high temperatures? The thicker, durable, NFPA-approved material creates a barrier against heat exposure. Concerned about falling particles or debris? The design helps deflect low-velocity and ballistic impacts.

And, in considering what firefighters like yourself need to do your jobs, the design delivers space for supporting goggles, lighting and communication devices.

Yet, as you know, not all emergencies are the same. Designs in recent years have leaned in a more streamlined direction - while some firefighters prefer the classic brimmed helmet. As you outfit your department, Fire Safety USA considers these factors with a wide range of helmets from Bullard and more brands. Narrow down your search with the following tips:

What to Look for In a Firefighter Helmet

From Traditional style to the Modern fire helmet, think about the following factors:

  • Materials: While departments once used leather fire helmets, thermoplastic and fiberglass composite decrease weight and improve protection.
  • Design: The triangular brimmed style was introduced over a century ago and remains popular. However, modern fire helmets have embraced a lower-profile design that's ideal for supporting goggles and face shields.
  • Weight: Streamlined silhouettes aren't a fluke - they also help trim down weight and increase the wearer's comfort. Look for a fire helmet that supports goggles and communication devices without placing strain on your neck.
  • The suspension system: The suspension system also directly influences comfort by letting you adjust the fit around your head's circumference and the helmet's center of gravity. Make sure you find a fire helmet that limits pressure applied to the top of the head and fits around an SCBA.

Shop Firefighter Helmets at Fire Safety USA

Explore all materials and configurations now at Fire Safety USA. We also think about the lifespan of your helmet, supplementing our selection with various replacement parts. Order what suits you and your team now, including through our website, our call center or our direct fax line.

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