Bunker Gear

Firefighter Bunker Gear

Experienced firefighters know there's no compromising when it comes to fire turnout gear. At a minimum, it needs to offer maximum protection and comfort while being easy to put on and move around in. At Fire Safety USA, we sell bunker gear that does all that and more. We work with fire departments and municipalities nationwide to ensure that their firefighters are ready whenever they need to spring into action.

What is Firefighter Turnout Gear?

Also called "bunker gear," turnout gear for firefighters makes up the core of your PPE. Whether you're responding to a residential or commercial fire or a wildland incident, you don a set of pants and a jacket, plus boots and your helmet, for a degree of protection against heat, chemical exposure and various physical hazards.

Different from standard tactical clothing, turnout gear for firefighters has the following characteristics:

  • A durable chemical- and heat-resistant outer shell made with Kevlar, Nomex or another flame-resistant material.
  • A thermal liner with a degree of moisture permeability to keep you comfortable.
  • A moisture barrier provides a secondary level of protection against chemicals and bloodborne pathogens.
  • The jacket, pants and boots all overlap for full body protection from the neck down. A hood supplements this coverage by shielding the face, neck and upper chest against smoke, chemicals and potential carcinogens.
  • Visibility elements, including a bright color and reflective strips.

For all emergencies, turnout gear for firefighters includes the following:

  • Pants with large pockets plus a hook, D-ring and knee padding.
  • A jacket or coat with pockets for your tools and quick-to-apply Velcro and zipper closures.
  • A helmet to shield the head from impact, high temperatures and electrical currents.
  • A hood, which tucks into the jacket and fits below the helmet, for coverage against particles easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Gloves, while not required, improve your grip for handling tools, hoses and firefighting equipment.

The Best Firefighter Turnout Gear

Purchase premium NFPA-certified turnout gear from brands such as Innotex, Honeywell Morning Pride and other leaders in fire safety. Our selection of firefighter pants includes regular-waist and low-waist designs that offer a full range of motion. Match them with a turnout coat that has a precise fit and essential features that include radio pockets, storm flaps and reflective trim. Complete bunker gear packages include a helmet, gloves and boots, all at an excellent value.

Bunker gear is available in many sizes to fit everyone in your company. It's made using the finest materials such as Nomex for unmatched flame resistance and comfort. We also offer all standard turnout gear colors, including yellow, khaki, black and red.

The Support You Need

With more than 40 years of experience in fire safety equipment, we know the importance of great products and great service. We are a family-owned business that strives to build a lasting relationship with our customers. When lives are on the line, you can trust bunker gear from Fire Safety USA. To learn more about fire incident gear solutions, call us at 877-699-3473 or email ContactUs@FireSafetyUSA.com.

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