Fire hose elbow adapters are a type of fitting designed to connect a hose to a hydrant, standpipe or other water source and for pump and flow testing. Elbows secure to a valve or nozzle to change the angle of the hose, reducing potential bends and kinks and improving water flow.

What Are Fire Hose Elbows?

In general, fire hose fittings attach to a tap or other water source and have a male, female or sexless design. Typically, male and female fittings connect together. Sexless fittings like Storz adapters just need to be turned inside the port to create a connection.

In addition to connection, fire hose fittings are grouped by thread type, including NH (National Hose), NST (National Standard Thread), NPSH (National Pipe Straight Hose), NPT (National Pipe Tapered) or IPT (Iron Pipe Thread).

In the case of elbow adapters, these fittings anticipate issues that can arise from flushing a hydrant - particularly where the force of the water travels. Elbow adapters direct it away from traffic, ground cover and vegetation and toward the flames.

Considering this use, elbow adapters are angled at 30° or 45° and feature durable, lightweight corrosion-resistant construction.

Order Fire Hose Adapters From Fire Safety USA

Make sure your fire department or workplace has properly sized and configured connectors for your hose and water source. Browse Storz elbow adapters at Fire Safety USA now before ordering online, through our call center or direct fax line.

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