Wildland Nozzles

From a spark or an accident, a forest fire can spread over a large area, starting with trees, dried leaves and brush and progressing to nearby homes and businesses. For these reasons, having the right nozzles in your arsenal not only controls the flames more efficiently but also conserves the landscape and livelihood of your region.

What Are Forestry Nozzles?

Also called wildland fire nozzles, forestry nozzles assist with extinguishing flames over a wider, more vast outdoor area. As wildfire season lasts for several months in parts of the country, these nozzles remain in use for a significant portion of the year.

Beyond these general characteristics, forestry nozzles:

  • Have more durable construction to anticipate rugged, more variable conditions.
  • Offer a choice of flow patterns and adjust with a twist operation.
  • Also offer variable pressure to respond to equally unpredictable conditions.
  • Range in function from a straight stream to a fog.
  • Provide a longer reach than other types of firefighting nozzles, often extending the flow over 200 feet.

Order Wildland Nozzles From Fire Safety USA

Effectively address potential hazards or anticipate wildfire season with forestry nozzles from Fire Safety USA. Browse our selection of adjustable stream, variable pressure solutions from Akron, Fire Hose Nozzles Direct and more brands now before placing an order online, via our call center or our direct fax line.

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