Extrication Gloves

Extrication and Rescue Gloves

Firefighters are frequently called upon to help people and pets escape from collapsed buildings, crashed vehicles, trenches and other dangerous situations. When this time comes, you'll need special fire gloves that protect against cuts, burns and punctures while maintaining the dexterity required to carry out precarious tasks. Extraction gloves were developed especially for rescue operations by firefighters, EMS operators and other first responders. Based on the work gloves long used by automotive mechanics, they offer extreme performance and protection when you need it.

Best Extrication Gloves for Firefighters

Fire Safety USA sells an assortment of firefighter extrication gloves from leading brands such as Ringers, HexArmor, Pro-Tech and Cestus. They're made of rugged materials that protect your mitts from glass shards, rope burns, sharp metals, floodwaters, oils, hard impacts and other common risks. The toughest gloves even withstand chemicals and biohazards so you can work in almost any environment.

The advanced design of fire rescue gloves provides full freedom of movement so your rescue operations are unhindered. Furthermore, you can just as easily fill out an accident report as perform a delicate extrication when you're wearing the right pair of gloves. Go right from rescue to clean-up without switching gloves and save crucial time.

Versatile Fire Gloves

Browse this collection to find the perfect gloves for your team, including TPR impact gloves, OSHA pathogen gloves, CE-certified puncture-resistant gloves and touchscreen gloves. Many are machine-washable for easy care. If you're not sure which gloves to buy, call Fire Safety USA at 877-699-3473. We're a family-owned business with more than 40 years of fire equipment experience to serve you.

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