Piercing Nozzles

For firefighters, being adaptable is part of the job. You never know the full extent of the hazard ahead. In terms of fighting flames, you need gear that works with you: For difficult-to-access and confined areas, piercing nozzles deliver water or another extinguishing agent to fully control the blaze. At the same time, a pointed tip penetrating through building materials provides this degree of access.

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What Is a Piercing Nozzle?

Flames or an obstruction might stand in your path. Or, you're located in a structure with winding, narrow corridors or insufficient ventilation. In these cases, leaving this area untouched means that the fire will continue to grow, damaging building materials and endangering lives in the process.

The long, pointed design of a piercing nozzle eliminates the need to break down a door or disassemble a barricade. Instead, you apply force with a mallet or hammer to pass the nozzle through a surface. This action:

  • Can be performed throughout a structure, from basements to roofs.
  • Allows firefighters to put out the flames in less time.
  • Provides a high-pressure, easy-to-regulate water sprayer to control the flames.
  • Assists with activating a sprinkler system, if present.
  • Can also be used with vehicles and containers.
  • Can deliver water or foam to the flames.

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