Enhance your surroundings - from building exteriors and interiors to the outdoors - with a portable flood light. As you develop an illumination solution for your team of firefighters, learn more about what floodlights do:

What Is a Floodlight?

By definition, a floodlight diffuses light over a large area - enhancing illumination and reducing contrasts in the process. While outdoor flood lights are common in public spaces, portable solutions used in firefighting:

  • Serve multiple roles: In addition to illuminating the full scene, floodlights assist with inspection and maintenance and provide a multipurpose visibility solution.
  • Offer large-scale, general illumination: Portable flood lights improve visibility around buildings and outdoor areas, helping team members to better identify and avoid hazards.
  • Use LEDs: LEDs in portable flood lights improve lifespan, brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Are often rechargeable: Battery power ensures consistent, reliable illumination for a range of applications - from checking vehicles to fighting fires during a power outage.
  • Offer a choice of mounting options: Attach a portable flood light to a vehicle or mounting rack or carry it over your shoulder.
  • Are equipped with adjustable features: Switch between a high or low lumen output, and angle the beam where you need it to go.

Order Portable Flood Lights From Fire Safety USA

Give your team the visibility they require, no matter where you go. Shop portable flood lights from Streamlight and more brands at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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