Mats & Tarps

Never wonder where your gear is or how to access supplies. As an integral part of your fire department's organizational strategy, mats and tarps deliver a color-coded solution for displaying and quickly grabbing your essentials or creating a triage environment.

For stocking up on these basics, find the following at Fire Safety USA:

Staging Mats

Staging mats provide a color-coded surface for clearly laying out and classifying your team's rescue tools, including SCBAs. A ribbed surface prevents round objects, like air packs, from rolling around. Labeling directly on the mat assists with categorizing your gear: In the case of air packs, "full" and "empty" help you sort ready-to-use and recently used supplies, making your response more efficient and accurate and eliminating potential confusion.

RIT Tarps

Designed for rapid intervention teams, RIT tarps provide a dedicated, sturdy and clearly labeled area for your tools. In solid-color vinyl with "RIT" added to one corner, the versatile surface area creates a space for grouping and organizing your supplies. You, in turn, know what you have down to type and quantity and where to access it.

Triage Tarps

For rescue operations, you anticipate treating individuals for burn injuries, breathing issues and other concerns. Triage tarps, available in four easily distinguished colors, assist with establishing separate and dedicated treatment areas.

Order Tarps and Mats From Fire Safety USA

Quickly and efficiently organize your gear and rescue operations with mats and tarps. Browse all options at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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