Gear Keepers

Emergencies are a coordinated effort between firefighters and first responders. Even with everyone doing their part, having someone in charge and clearly giving orders streamlines the process. While your department has some structure, microphones help those at the top amplify their directions.

Yet, microphones don't easily stay in place. Gear Keepers address this concern, placing your mic out of the way yet close at hand.

Why Firefighters Need Gear Keepers

Created by Hammerhead Industries, the Gear Keeper Fire Mic securely attaches radios and other communication equipment to the lapels on a firefighter's jacket or the straps of their firefighter pack. This location has a second benefit: Your mic sits just inches away from your mouth or SCBA and remains in place through a range of emergencies - from residential to wildfires to rescue operations in rugged conditions.

This convenient arrangement:

  • Keeps your mic in place, even if you bump into an object, and eliminates the need to reattach it after every command.
  • Facilitates consistent and extended communication, no matter the conditions.
  • Just requires you to screw the Gear Keeper into the fabric of your turnout gear or pack strap.
  • Reduces risks of a damaged, dropped or lost microphone.

Once the Gear Keeper is secured, your mic or other audio device retracts back to the position on your jacket, keeping your hands free to use your tools, hose or other firefighting equipment.

Shop Gear Keepers at Fire Safety USA

Keep your operations organized and efficient. If you're tired of repeatedly losing your microphone or reattaching it over and over, free up your hands and ensure the longevity of your communications equipment with a Gear Keeper. Order it now through Fire Safety USA, including online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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