After you've controlled the blaze, you and your team have another hazard to think about: exposure to particulates, gases, liquids and vapors containing toxic or carcinogenic compounds.

These substances settle on your uniform and turnout gear and can pass through to your skin - even when you wear personal protective equipment (PPE). In turn, firefighter decontamination procedures wash away potentially harmful particles and encompass your clothing, tools, other supplies and even your vehicle.

About the Firefighter Decontamination Process

Firefighter decontamination solutions remove a broad spectrum of contaminants and other harmful substances from your clothing, gear and equipment. Considering your team's multistep decontamination process, products are either designed for use in the field or upon your return to the station.

With the right supplies, prepare to:

  • Clean your PPE and SCBA, from your gear to your hood, gloves, helmet, boots and respiratory system, to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Have a professional inspect your gear every six months to ensure it continues to meet NFPA 1851 guidelines.
  • Clean anything you and your team could have touched on the job, including tools and hoses, ideally with decontamination starting at the scene.
  • Wipe down your skin immediately after completing a job, focusing on vulnerable areas like the face, jaw, head, chest, underarms and hands. Follow a wipe-down with a shower.

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