Smoke Generator

As a firefighter, you expect to face smoke on the job. Fire Safety USA carries training equipment to help your team prepare for these scenarios, as well as blowers for clearing a room and smoke candles for identifying hairline cracks.

Explore all solutions for enhancing your training program and response strategy:

Smoke Generators

You put all aspiring firefighters through a rigorous training program before they face a real-life emergency. Of the exercises and simulations presented, trainees practice putting on their equipment to enter a smoke-filled room and identify victims present.

Here's where smoke generators come in. These machines provide a constant flow of smoke at variable temperatures, letting you create simulations for utilizing ventilators and carrying out search and rescue operations. In the process, your trainees learn to apply their gear quickly and confidently enter a burning building or extinguish a wildfire.

Smoke Blowers

Especially with house fires, your team might be called upon to clear a smoky room. With a fan action, smoke blowers assist with forcing accumulating clouds of gases and particulates out of a nearby window. Browse lightweight, heavy-duty blowers your department can quickly transport to the scene.

Smoke Candles

For leak detection, smoke candles provide a convenient and easy-to-use solution for identifying barely discernible cracks and holes. Simply light one of these disposable candles to generate white smoke and locate leaks and crevices over a wide area.

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